Luna’s Pups

A few pics of my personal fur family. Axle is my eldest and is an American Dingo. Zeva is my big baby of a German Shepherd and Raven is my puppy and is also my greet and meet pup. She will be with me should you ever request a meet and greet before a stay.

!!!Click the pics below to see photos of our Luna’s Pups extended family!!!

Sir Mowgli!

Mowgli is a lovable goof ball who adores Raven and enjoys running circles around the backyard as much as he loves snuggles on the couch!

Miss Athena

Athena is the gorgeous mama to my precious Raven! She’s so incredibly intelligent and the biggest sweetheart! Raven loves when she gets to have mini family reunions with her Mom!

Olaf & Sundae

Olaf & Sundae were two drop-in pups. I dropped in a few times a day to their home to make sure they had plenty of water and be fed. I also spent some time playing fetch out in the backyard and giving them lots of love and attention inside when it was time to cool… Continue reading Olaf & Sundae


Caesar is a powerhouse!!! I LOVE his energy! His favorite game to play is hide and go seek with my kiddos. This little guy is just the best and he holds a special place in my heart!


Tiny, yet mighty!!! Spike is the smallest pup I’ve had the pleasure to keep me company. His little dances always made me giggle and he was so cute when he snuggled with the kiddos!


When you ask a dog to sit, you don’t expect them to back up and literally sit on the couch while paws are still on the floor. However, this is EXACTLY what Bane does! He had us laughing his entire stay! Such a beautiful giant!